7 amenities you are probably looking for in a community

Posted by Town of Harmony on Jul 21, 2015 11:00:22 AM

Harmony_383_1024x681When choosing a new home, are the local schools important to you?

What about access to trails and other recreation?

Is access to urban services, even in a rural setting, a deal breaker?

Do families put parks high on their list of priorities?

As it turns out, all of the above, and even more, are community amenities most buyers are looking for when it comes to searching for a new home. Usually the only place they are able to get everything they want is in a master-planned community where those amenities and services are part of the development plan.

We thought we would take a look at the seven amenities experts say homebuyers are looking for in a community.

  • Harmony_150_600x399Schools – It usually is at the top of the list. Schools are so important to buyers that a recent National Association of Realtors survey found that they would be willing to pay 6 to 10 percent above their budget to get a community with top schools. Highly rated schools, such as the two A-rated schools in Harmony, increase the likelihood of your child performing better. Good schools also lead to stronger communities, which ultimately increases the value of your home.

  • Walkable communities – Being able to walk to school, work, and businesses was another high priority, according to the most recent National Association of Realtors survey of an ideal community.  You know what it's like to drive long distances to pick up your children from school, then stop at the grocery story and run other errands. If you can avoid those long commutes with neighborhood schools and short drives for basic services, life is a lot less stressful.

  • Pine_Needle_Trail_2Trails – Being able to get out and exercise is something that more potential homebuyers are saying is a top priority for them. One recent survey found that 52 percent of the respondents wanted to bike more, and they were willing to pay for it to make that happen. Being able to bike on designated bike paths or  walk on nearby trails would make for an easy way to stay fit. Being able to bike or walk in a natural setting, like those available in Harmony, would be an added bonus, and might even provide the motivation to keep up with a fitness routine.

  • Keep active – Opportunities to be engaged in a community through civic and social activities was high on the priority list of a recent AARP survey. Having something for everyone, like the activities in Harmony, ranging from a monthly book club to weekly yoga sessions, makes for a healthier and happier community.

  • Ella_800x600Sense of communityFor a community to be sustainable, its residents must have a sense of belonging. It involves more than just activities to keep residents involved, but also an effort to welcome new residents and make them feel like they belong.

  • Parks – Playgrounds and other recreational activities are more than just a place for young and old alike to enjoy the outdoors, they are vital to a community being able to improve economically and educationally. Parks were also seen as a means for residents to engage with one another. If you know your neighbors, you're going to feel better about your community.

  • Being connected – Successful future master-planned communities will enable their residents to be connected to transportation, commerce, education, and cultural opportunities, according to a recent report from the Urban Land Institute. If a homeowner feels they have to continually leave their neighborhood for essential services like schools, recreation, and shopping, they are unlikely to be very engaged in their community and more likely to leave for a place that has neighborhood schools, parks, and other activities that truly make their house a home.

If any of these amenities are what you are looking for in a community, discover all that Harmony has to offer by booking a home tour.

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