How playing golf benefits your mind and body

Posted by Town of Harmony on Feb 14, 2017 12:54:41 PM


Golf is a sport that has evolved over centuries. Over the years, advancements in technology and research have helped shape the game into what it is today. Like the game itself, there’s been a significant change of view when it comes to the health benefits of golf. Thanks to today's research, we know that golf is both mentally and physically stimulating, and, if played correctly, can benefit your overall health. We're exploring how golf can benefit your mind and body.

Weight loss

Consider ditching the golf cart the next time you play golf. Walking an 18-round course is easily more than 10,000 steps, which is considered the target number of daily steps for weight loss. Carrying your bag, swinging clubs and walking the course all stimulates your body and can help you shed a few pound in a way that doesn't necessarily feel like exercise.

When you're playing at the Harmony Golf Preserve, walking around the course is a treat. Our master-planned community is home to a conservation area, which backs right up to our golf course. The views are incredible!

It’s a brain workout, too

As much of a workout as golf can be for your body, it is equally as good for you brain. Golf is a strategic game that stimulates the brain and causes you to thoughtfully plan out each move. Aside from strategy, your cerebellum is getting a workout when you play golf, too. Coordination is a big part of the game, and this area of the brain controls our balance.


When you’re exercising or even walking, you're pumping blood to your heart. A healthy heart can reduce your risk of heart disease and, of course, a heart attack. Walking the average golf course is about four miles total. In between walking and swinging your clubs, you can work up a nice sweat. The great thing about golf is that this exercise doesn't even feel like you’re working out, especially when playing with friends. 

Aside from the health benefits, golf is a fun game that is also a great way to socialize. The Harmony Golf Preserve is a great course for you and your friends to play a round or two. Our golf course recently went under renovations last fall, so come out and see the changes yourself in our master-planned community!

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